Most Popular Tax Tools For 2009

Most of us use Tax Tools to help us keep track of where we are so we can report this to the government during tax time. The most popular tool is Turbo Tax, and it works in conjunction with Quicken because you can link up the data. Actually all of the software of this type now link up, but some report minor difficulties when importing and moving back and forth from Quickbooks to Quicken and visa-versa.

Of course, Microsoft Money is popular too and folks use this to keep track of their financial situation throughout the year making it available for tax time. It also has files that help you do your taxes. Indeed, Microsoft Money comes with any new computer that you buy, it gets good reviews too.

TaxCut by H & R Block is another popular one that you can buy at Office Depot, Office Max or Staples and folks rate it at a four or five star depending on the review survey. Having the data you need when you need it helps simplify your taxes and makes for a stress free endeavor.

Small Business owners have embraced Quickbooks as it is set up for such things, over 20 million copies have been sold, and each year they upgrade to the latest in order to deal with the tax changes. For those who cannot balance their check book Quicken is a gift from God for personal use.

Some people say they love Quicken and small business owners, well many of them would be lost without Quickbooks. Of course, there are many more options for small business than just Quickbooks. For instance, Microsoft Money, Peachtree Accounting, Tax Cut, Microsoft Office Accounting 2008, and there is a review each year of the Top 20 Best Small Business Accounting Software Packages in PC Magazine. The best part of these accounting programs is they allow you to print out P & L Statements, Balance Sheets, and charts and graphs.

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Tax Tools For 2009 – Free Calculators Reduce Taxes

Who would not want to save money on their taxes?

You may be surprised that some people think it is more patriotic to pay more tax than others. Though most of us are now watching our finances very well and would appreciate a tax tool that will help us save a few bucks.

So the following are my picks for best calculators and tools to help you save money.

Quicken Tax Tools – Simply Google “Quicken Tax Tools” and you will find some very comprehensive tools to calculate what Uncle Sam is going to be expecting from you.
Google Docs – Even if you do not have any spreadsheet software on your computer you can now easily create some pretty good ones with Google Docs. Their spreadsheet has steadily improved to the point that it is quite a serious tool.
Google Search – You would be surprised how many professionals are using Google to begin and sometimes end their tax research. Though a word to the wise is that do not always consider that everything that is on the web has been fact checked and is current.
All the tax tools though will not help if you do not have some good information to work with. So make sure to document all your deductions during the year so that it will make tax time easier.

You may be surprised how many good choices there are for free software on the web to do your accounting. Though it will take time to download and install them it is very likely to save you money in the long run.

Lastly please remember that though we all like things that are free yet sometimes you get what you pay for. So it may very well be worthwhile to pay a CPA such as myself to prepare your taxes.

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